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Elder William A. Blagmon, Sr. is the founding pastor of Greater Faith Deliverance Ministries, Inc. – an entity dedicated to prayer, evangelism, and discipleship within a modern-day context without compromising the integrity of the first century message as taught by the apostles.


Firmly grounded in the holiness tradition by his great-grandfather the late Bishop E. T. Jennings, Elder Blagmon is an uncompromising messenger of truth - unmoved by fortune, fame, status, or position.  He is acclaimed as a gifted teacher with a unique ability to communicate complex scriptural truths with clarity and simplicity.  His messages are thoughtful and provocative.  His delivery is practical and balanced - transcending denominational, socioeconomic, and ethnic boundaries.


Recognized as a White-Williams Scholar at Central High School (from which he received his first B.A. degree), a Lambert Foundation Scholar at Temple University (from which he received his B.A. in psychology and at which he was inducted into the Psi Chi National Honor Society), and a Frederick Douglass Scholar at West Chester University (from which he received his M.A. in industrial/organizational psychology); Elder Blagmon’s quest for the acquisition and utilization of knowledge has yielded him many honors and accolades too numerous to list.


As a corporate citizen, he has been a member of numerous professional organizations including the Society for Human Resource Management, Staffing.Org, and the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychologists.


In addition, he has served as interim-pastor for Straightway Evangelistic Church, chaplain for numerous religious and community-based organizations, and is often called upon to provide consultative and advisory services to pastors and leaders in the US and abroad.


He was united in holy matrimony to Lady Nikkol (Tabron) Blagmon in 1997 and to this union the Lord added two children:  Khadijah and William, II.



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