Greater Faith Deliverance Ministries, Inc
Building Upon the Sure Foundation of Holiness

Building Upon The Sure Foundation of Holiness”


Introduction & Scope

Greater Faith Deliverance Ministries (GFDM), Inc. has been charged with the task of effecting positive change within its community [Matt. 5:16].  At the core of our operation is a commitment to spiritual growth and development [I Peter 2:2] – the residual effects of which (to name a few) are moral character [Prov. 22:1], respect for human life [Matt. 5:21, Rom. 13:9], and the pursuit of excellence [Prov. 17:27, Dan. 5:12]. 

Our Multi-Faceted Approach

  • Internal Programs
    • Multi-Tiered Sunday School Curriculum (Toddler – Adult)
    • Topical Bible Study Sessions
    • Deliverance & Renewal Worship Services
  • Inter-Congregational Programs
    • Monthly Fellowship Services
    • Apostolic Network Fellowship Services
    • Ministerial Counseling & Support
  • External Programs
    • Prayer Ministry
    • Prison Outreach
    • Church Website

It is our belief that by providing life-changing information, which parishioners are urged to live out on the daily basis, not only will lives internal to the ministry change – but also those with whom they come in contact.  Ours is an evangelism by lifestyle.  A testimony that is preached through actions and in which words are supplementary and explanatory [I Cor. 2:4].






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