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Our Elect Lady

Minister Nikkol I. Blagmon is the devoted wife of Elder William A. Blagmon, Sr.; loving mother of Khadijah and William, II; and Elect-Lady of the Greater Faith Deliverance Ministries, Inc.   Known for her direct and practical approach to ministry, her messages – often pitted against the backdrop of her own personal experiences – provide hope, deliverance, and transformation for women of all ages and backgrounds. 


A graduate of Temple University with a degree in political science and a minor in music; Lady Blagmon is a strong advocate of academic and professional achievement .  The recipient of numerous honors and awards, she is a scholar in her own right and is currently employed in the financial services industry.


With grace and honor, she lends her abilities and talents toward the furtherance of the kingdom – exuberant in worship, passionate in musical expression, and dynamic in gospel presentation. Thoroughly acquainted with the costs of ministry, Lady Blagmon imparts strength, fortitude, and endurance while demonstrating the virtues of a consecrated life of prayer. 


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