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GFDM Original Summary

The Vision that Inspired the Vision

Boasting itself neither to be the ministry nor the ultimate ministry, Greater Faith Deliverance Ministries (GFDM) is an umbrella organization that supports and develops the individual ministries of which it is comprised. Thus, GFDM is simply a headquarters or centralized locus from which ministries are birthed, promoted, and developed.

"As I was driving to Sunday School from the Stroehmann Bakery on I-76, the voice of the Lord just put Greater Faith Deliverance Ministries in my spirit. Everything else has just been a fulfillment of that vision." said Minister William Blagmon.

The vision is actually a very visual one. It is the vision first of the present condition of a multiplied millions of souls - men, women, boys, and girls trapped in desperate and apparently inescapable captivity. It is the realization of this truth that, in fact, propels the vision. To see the tangibility of this facet of the vision, all one has to do is briefly peruse the morning paper, glance over the news show, or perhaps even walk around his own community.

In its original state, as imparted to Minister Blagmon, the people were in literal chains - some longer than others. So some people actually, because they still had a degree of mobility knew not that they were bound. Others were struggling desperately; but hopelessly. All efforts seemed to be futile. All I could think was that it was a situation that I had seen much too many times.


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